Bakin’/Scrattin’ Live from Jay’s 1

This weekend there’s a little gathering at Gill & Jay’s in Trefriw – not sure the percentage of cidermaking to baking but that’s what we’re doing.

Just to be efficient I got my baking in first. Thursday was Thanksgiving so the famous Bethesdabakers Thanksgiving bread had to be produced for the American customers who also got a free compilation cd of Old Timey music to get them in the mood:
stars & bars smallheap 001 smallTop centre is the not-quite-so-famous Off yr Ocar bread. This was created for a yoga group who occasionally come to stay in Bethesda at a centre called Yr Ocar so obviously the new bread had to be called Off yr Ocar – a date, sultana and soya loaf.
yr ocar 004 smallI did a couple of spares to to bring up to Trefriw so I don’t have to bake and can get on with the cocktails. I have knocked up an Apple Bread dough this morning with our dried apples rehydrated in Jay’s cider to enter the spirit of the occasion but this is mainly for brownie points so I can get on with the drinking.

More to follow.

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