Bethesdabakin’ – An Overview

It always has to be someone else’s fault. In this case it’s young Marcus Row. We’ve been muttering probably for a couple of years about trying to pull together the individual event blogs and creating a single point where all the information about Bethesdabakin’ past and present could be accessed. So he snaffled the web address “bethesdabakin” and then paid WordPress cash money for the rights to

By so doing, of course, he obligated me to making use of the site. So I have. – it’s a beginning.

Also, Rick is starting to crank up this year’s main event – the end of May is not far away now and there are still some places left. A rare opportunity to bake in his fantastic Alan Scott wood fired oven. Access information via the new site or direct at

As a matter of interest, Joe Firebeard in a recent email said that he had spoken to some people who were a bit inhibited  about coming because they thought we were such serious bakers. I nearly fell off my chair! I always feared people might be deterred because we were so frivolous. Please be assured, some of us have known each other for a while but there are always newcomers, absolute beginners, children – even protestants, Real Bread Campaign members, and commercial yeast users. Anyone prepared to enter into the spirit of things is welcome.

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One thought on “Bethesdabakin’ – An Overview

  1. I accept all the charges, m’lud…

    I just hope that it works in the way we’re assuming, i.e.a single ‘hub’ site which people start at, that gives them an understanding of what the whole thing is about, from which they can then branch off to more specific topics, e.g. this year’s baking weekend.

    I was also amused that some folks might be put off because of seriousness – not with all that cider courtesy of Jay on tap! An easier-going bunch of folks I really don’t know. So if it is a concern for some, I would say take a chance and come see for yourself; most people seem to enjoy these events, and the food ain’t bad either…!

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