The Perks of the Job

Sometimes you get feedback that really makes the effort worthwhile. A guy called Mark contacted me from an airbase in Turkey asking about the books, in particular the pdf’s. It took about four exchanges of emails and each time it took a couple of weeks. I started to think he was taking the piss (I have had the odd problem with time-wasters you know) but it eventually transpired that he didn’t have easy access to email. Finally I received this:

“Thank you for sending these to me, I received both of the books and downloaded them just fine.  So far I love them and am learning a lot.  My home based business paperwork was finally approved to operate on our Air Force base, and I’ve just opened a little bakery in my kitchen making and selling sourdough bread.  I call it Rise and Shine Bakery.  So far I’ve made $48.00 in a week and a half, not much but it’s a start.  Your books will really help me do things right!
Thank you again, I’ll let you know how it goes.  My next big project is to make enough money for a KitchenAid or some other stand mixer.”

Don’t you just love the Rise and Shine  Bakery?

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