Der Black Stuff

proved 001 smallHas to be one of my favourite breads – Nils’ Guinness Volkornbrot. It’s not really worth making in ones but Gert’s cooking German this week and ordered five and Steffi next door is on cat duty this weekend so that’s another one, plus one for me which makes seven – then there’s the runt because it’s not a dough you can be that accurate with.
baked 004 smallbaked 007 smallThen I was doing a Classic 2K miche and drained enough Guinness off the soaker for all the liquid.
miche hat small

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4 thoughts on “Der Black Stuff

  1. That’s a fine looking bake Mick – just putting together the bits and pieces for 15 of your Five Seed and Spelt and half a dozen Russian Rye for Frome Farmers Market tomorrow from your first book. The seeded loaves went down very well last time – let’s see how they get on with the rye. Hope to take along about 80 loaves. Regards, Barry

  2. PS – Just taken a look at Nils recipe for the Guinness Volkornbrot – showing my ignorance but what is ‘rye meal’? Barry.

  3. Hi Barry – hear you had the odd problem. Hope you’re thriving now.

    Rye meal is just a coarse milling of rye flour. I have a mill attachment for my Kenwood. At its finest setting it produces coarse meal. At the widest setting it mangles the grain which I use for rye chops.

    I’d just use wholemeal rye flour if I couldn’t get meal.

  4. If anyone wants the recipe you can find it on Nils’ blog here – but buy his book from Kindle.
    I omit the yeast (you’ll be surprised to hear). Final fermentation (prove) about 3.5 hours. 50 minutes at 210C + about 20 minutes removed from tins, oven turned off, door slightly ajar.
    My version of Nils’ formula here

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