Becws Pesda – Last Gasp

Anyone want to buy a deck oven:
deck oven 001 smalldeck oven 002 smallOr a prover/retarder:
prover 001 smallprover 002 smallOr the canopy/extract for the deck oven.

Someone, believed to be a charity shop, has applied for the lease of the bakery in Bethesda.

Sounds like most of the equipment that hasn’t already walked away is going to be put in storage for “other projects” but the oven, extract and prover are likely to be sold. If you are interested call Neil at Cwmni Adwy 01286 685225.

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2 thoughts on “Becws Pesda – Last Gasp

  1. No idea, Nick – but then neither do they. My impression is they just want shot of them so I would think you could get them for next to nothing. Give Neil a ring.

    Hope the baking’s thriving.

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