Happy Happy

Guess what day it is today. No, I know it’s Guy Fawkes but us Papes don’t think that’s funny. It’s my starter’s official birthday – 14 today!

I say official because it was obviously developing before but it’s first real outing was a 2K Classic I made for a friend’s birthday in 1999 and I remember the fireworks all around as we went to the party in West London.

Further more, on November 5th 2000 I obtained my rye starter from Andrew Whitley on a two day course at Melmerby – first bread course I ever did.

village bakeryI see he’s flogging starter to save his Real Bread Campaign. I can slip you some for free, mate.

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3 thoughts on “Happy Happy

  1. No, mainly I just think they’re a distraction. But this this scramble to become a charity working with people at risk of social exclusion in an attempt to get funding for survival is pretty despicable.

  2. I agree with you that is pretty low.

    I am all for an body promoting an industry, but when it gets to the stage when it is being used to promote itself or particular individuals above its original remit and at the expense of the industry as a whole then that is when it has failed.

    We have the same in my industry, not that anyone with any experience takes any notice of them.

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