buns 001 smallI know we’ve been here before but, last week I made near perfect burgers. I reckon that a lot more skill goes into fast foods like fish & chips, pizzas and hamburgers than turning out something long-in-the-cooking like coq au vin.

With burgers all the individual elements, the bun, the patty, the garnishes (not to mention the chips), have to be right but the assemblage has to be perfect too.

The bun: Naked brioche (completely out of sesame).
Strong White 100%
Milk 25%
Starter 50%
Eggs 22.5%
Butter 25%
Salt 1.5%
Overnight in the fridge. Scale at 120g. Roll into balls then press out thin. 2.5 hours prove. Dimple, brush with egg wash. Bake 20-25 minutes brushing again half way through.

The patty: Nothing but good quality mince, about an inch thick sprinkled with salt and pepper.

Garnish: I’ve taken to producing a charred salsa which varies depending on what’s available but basically, cut in largish chunks, onions, whole garlic, peppers, mushrooms, chiles, celery. Roast in a very hot oven until well charred giving the occasional stir. Throw in a tin of tomatoes and continue roasting until very thick but not burnt dry. Scrape out into a bowl and keep warm.

Chips: Triple fried but no Heston fancy stuff with dehydrators, freezers, potato starch, etc. Final fry immediately before serving.

Have an oven on low, warm the plates in it plus a dish for the frites.

Fry the chips twice so they just need a brief final crisping.

Heat a ridged grill pan til very hot. In this household herself don’t do rare meat so hers gets 5 minutes per side and rests in the oven while mine gets its 4 minutes per side and only rests for as long as it takes to get things finished and on the table.

Grill the buns on the cut sides, spread top and bottom with mayo, sliced tomato on the bottom, add the meat, top with salsa, press on the lid, put in oven.

Crisp the chips, get everything on the table and get eating – the speed of this precludes photos. But believe me it was good.
buns 0010 small

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