Rough Hewn

Some breads are just so physical it’s like they’ve been ripped from the landscape.
black bean dough 001 smallFrom this moraine-like material …
black bean crust 001 small… comes a boulder-like loaf – the mighty Black Bean, Jalpenos and Coriander bread.
black bean crumb 002 smallAnd yet, look how light the crumb is.
This is the runt of the litter (do boulders have litters?) made from left-over dough. Being an aspiring Eco-Artisan Baker and wanting to avoid adding to our landfill sites, I ate it.

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2 thoughts on “Rough Hewn

  1. It’s not a gimmick if that’s what you are implying. It’s actually a well-balanced, well-rounded bread. The beans are fairly bland and a bit earthy which combines well with the deep background flavour of the coriander. The jalapenos are also well in the background coming through as a warm aftertaste on the roof of your mouth although, three days on, the flavour is starting to develop. Pretty nice, I’d say

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