Rank Hovis

Someone who recently did a course with me forwarded a Tweet from Alex Gooch about a Rank Hovis powdered sourdough – “Rank Hovis ‘powdered sourdough concentrates’. RANK is the word!! 15g of yeast per kg in a bakers yeast free loaf? Tossers” and a few followers added suitably self-righteous comments.

This is what strikes me as being pointless and wasted energy. The industrial sector hoovers up anything emerging that might give them an edge – why worry? Just keep on baking.

This is the real Rank Hovis issue. http://shopstewards.net/2013/08/hovis-workers-anger-rises-over-zero-hours-contracts/

Does the Real Bread Campaign have a view on this, or on “internships” or any other form of people in the baking world working for nothing?


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