The Hill Bakery

Yesterday  I had the great pleasure of attending the launch party of a new London microbakery, Adam Newey’s The Hill Bakery near New Cross Gate – wrong side of the river, I know, but nothing’s perfect –

Pretty perfect apart from that:
adam bread 002 smallBut then he’s got one of these beasties:
rofco 001 smallwhich in my view is cheating because I can’t afford one.
He’s a talented man: journalist, editor, poetry critic – there aren’t that many bakers whose poetry review you can read in the Guardian on the way down to visit him – plus he doubles as a printer using a small hand press, his response to a world being taken over by Google, Linkedin and bread ambassadors. And we have so much in common, like a love of Westons Old Rosie. In fact this is how he looked to me by the end of the party:
adam 001 smallI hate phone cameras.

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5 thoughts on “The Hill Bakery

  1. Yes, it was a nice gathering though it was strange not joining in and making some bread as we only normally meet up at the bread weekends. It also seems like Nisbets have had great pleasure in gaining yet another customer. You ought to get commission. I even found a Nisbets mug at work!

  2. And you weren’t there, Jeremy. But Stig was with her partner Fred, and Jack Sideburns was with his bike, and we finally got to meet Ben’s Anna who told us about what it’s like living with, not Ben, but his six or seven (she wasn’t sure) bikes.

    Next Bethesdabakin’ at Ricks probably June.

  3. Wrong side of the river ! …you need to get out more. As a born and bred north Londoner I can tell you South London rocks in a way only the pretentious north dream of !

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