Welcome to New Readers

Where would I be without the Real Bread Campaign? Prior to last week’s guest appearances by those big city cee-lebs Chris and Duncan, this little country blog not worthy of a mention on the Campaign site, used to clock something between 25-100 people each day depending on how active my posting’s been. Since then bakers have been checking in by the hundred – peaking at around 500 two days on the trot!

So I reckon that there must be a fair number of new-comers to the blog unfamiliar with what we do round here. You are most welcome. Check out my books and courses – and pop in occasionally. New courses plus the release of my bakery management spread sheets coming soon.
sueview smallThe bakery back yard – combine a course with a few days in sunny Snowdonia!

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11 thoughts on “Welcome to New Readers

  1. you two need to get a room and either kiss and makeup or have a scrap! either way, when you do emerge, why dont you buy each other a beer and break some bread………..

  2. Yes, you can buy me a beer……. so long as its a decent pint…… but I wont be doing any kissing or fighting – I will probably fall asleep in the corner after a couple of beers. Chris, stop winding Mick up! You get enough publicity elsewhere – stop worrying about a bloke baking in Bethesda and Mick, stop winding Chris up – stick to bakin’ in Bethesda. Neither of you are any good at winding each other up (ok Mick is slightly better at it than Chris……) – so, let that be the end of it…… virtual handshake?

  3. Boris – I’ll buy you two pints, both decent. But I don’t have anything (much) against Chris. Why, I even took him to the police station when he had his tent nicked at the second Bethesdabakin’ in 2011 and, against my better judgement, locked him in the rugby club overnight so he would have somewhere to sleep.
    My complaint is about the Real Bread Campaign, an undemocratic organisation that set itself up unasked, claimed it represented small producers like me (amongst others), ran out of funding and now wants the people it said it was supporting to support the Campaign. Not to mention the celebrity, media-acceptable bread ambassadors.
    How can I get your drinks to you?

  4. There will be no need to bring them to me…. I am coming to you at some point. That tomato bread recipe of your? Went down a treat at work…… I adapted it slightly….. that pain de campagne recipe of yours? got me first prize in the ‘Homemade Loaf’ category at a food festival. I owe you beers!!!!!!!!!

  5. Hey – I finally worked out who you are. Well done Boris, you show excellent taste in buying my books – look at the rewards you reap.
    I do hope the Campaign is trying to recruit David Cameron as Real Bread Machine Ambassador

  6. yes, your books are worth their weight in sourdough………….. not quite at your levels yet in terms of dough weight produced in a week but getting there. I do have a problem though – its becoming somewhat of an obsession. My wife is not happy with finding flour all over the kitchen and bits of dough on the floor and handles…I keep telling her its your fault. When are you going to publish all your recipes? I need to open BreastonBakin’ sometime soon

  7. Have you tried cleaning up?
    Bethesdabakers Breadsheets, the complete small bakery management system, 60+ recipes in spreadsheet calculators, work schedule builder, orders manager, etc, etc. is having its final polish. Tell your partner she needs 50 quid for you Christmas present – but clean up first.

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