2 Campagnes

Another little experiment. As part of his bakerlauriate course, Garth was set some homework. He mixed and fermented a couple of doughs overnight and brought them in the next morning to shape, prove and bake. One of them, a pain de campagne made with flour from Walk Mill near Chester http://www.walkmillflour.co.uk/, looked very slack and didn’t rise as much as I would have expected in the basket or the oven. On the other hand it tasted delicious – which is why we make bread. He brought me over a bag of flour to experiment with.
doughs 001 smallOn the left, Walk Mill’s white flour stoneground Hereward locally grown wheat. On the right, Doves Biobake. The Doves rose more than can be seen from the photo. It was supposed to get my usual four hours fermentation/three & a half prove but I was cooking a rather elaborate Mexican lunch and it got forgotten. So the fermentation was more like five hours ten minutes and the prove about three hours.
crust 001 smallIf anything the Walk Mill loaf (left) rose slightly more than the Doves
crust 002 smallbut splurged a bit through the bottom.
crumb 002 smallWhat do you make of that then?

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