Behold My Buns

We do like our little experiments at Bethesdabakers. In the past, in the interests of science, we have baked our starter and developed a sourdough bread flour mix (just add water).

Yesterday I needed some instant burger buns and, as you know, this is a yeast-free zone = baking powder and soda. So I kneaded a low hydration flour and water dough (50%)  and gave it several short kneads the idea being to develop the gluten before adding the chemicals. Mixed an egg with a little milk to increase the hydration to make the dough a little brioche-like and for use as a glaze. Flattened out the dough sprinkled on the salt, baking powder and soda, worked it in a little, added some of the egg mix and kneaded it all in.

There’s a point in all these little experiments when you KNOW it ain’t going to work.

Nevertheless, scaled four buns, flattened and egg-washed them, whacked them in the oven.
buns 001 smallWas surprised to see that they rose
buns 002 smallStarted to think I had a success on my hands but
buns 003 smallthey were truly horrible ….

Brought to you in the spirit of openness, truth and honesty
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