Congratulations and Jubilations

I have often wondered what is this support offered by the Real Bread Campagne to bakers. Now with their latest email comes the answer, “I wanted to give a nod to all of the pro bakers amongst you who’ve been wrestling to keep dough under control in the recent heatwave. We salute you!“. It’s obviously a bit like the AA (Automobile Association) mechanics who, older readers will remember, resplendent in their uniforms astride their motorcycles would salute oncoming members as they passed. Nice one Chris.


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2 Responses to Congratulations and Jubilations

  1. Didn’t the AA man’s salute, or lack thereof, depend on the presence, or absence, of members of the local constabulary in the area? Not sure what the equivalent would be for the RBC

  2. Environmental Health Officer approaching?

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