Introducing … the Bakerlaureate

As you might have seen, the Real Bread Campagne, in an attempt to bring (shock, horror) RESPECTABILITY to the world of modern baking, is working with the School of Artisan Food (the very name makes me feel queasy) to develop new qualifications for Real Bakers. This may or may not be useful for some people who want a baking qualification but a qualification is no use unless you want to be employed (and the employer recognises the qualification). A lot of enterprising people want to set up their own bakery business in which case they need practical information, guidance and experience rather than a string of letters after their name.

So, out here on the Western Fringes, we have already introduced the Bethesdabakerlaureate and our first student, Garth, has now completed two of the course modules.

Garth, at the age of 64, has been made redundant and decided to create a new career for himself as a microbaker even though he has very little experience of baking. Undaunted by redundancy at such a late stage in his working life Garth successfully applied for funding for vocational training from the Welsh Assembly Government’s ReAct II scheme.

We have responded by devising a series of two day modules that can be tailored according to the participants’ needs (and financial circumstances) which will give them the practical knowledge and experience to set up and run a small bakery enterprise and to provide them with the ongoing support to sustain their business.

Yes, on successful completion of the course, bakers will receive the Bethesdabakerlauriate Certificate but this will only be recognised by aficionados of good bread and not by academic awards authorities.

Course outline will appear of the site soon, phone me if you’re interested – 01248 600387

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