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“Please may I buy a copy of this wonderful book?” emails Martin. I’m totally impervious to praise, you understand. But, if you’ve already put your hand in your pocket and bought Bethesdabasics, here’s a bit of bonus so turn to Page 43 – Tortillas.

We had the second half of a chicken in the fridge and I’d already decided to make tortillas. “Do you fancy Chicken Enchiladas or Seafood Chimichangas?” I asked Sue. No contest.

So we went down to the market and bought a pound (un livre) of mussels, 12 prawns, 4 scallops, 2 filets of red snapper.

Used the tortilla recipe from the book but with all T80 flour and white leaven instead of rye – rolled them out with an empty wine bottle.

The filling: steamed open the mussels in about half a bottle of white wine, strained and retained the liquid, scooped the meat out of the shells when cool. Cubed the prawns, scallops and red mullet and lightly fried them by species. Sauteed a couple of shallots added peas, parsley and a finely chopped tomato. Sprinkled in a tablespoon of flour, poured in the liquid and, when thickened, the seafood.

Reheated the tortillas, placed filling in the middle of each and folded in the sides to make parcels. Fried them in a couple of cm’s of oil. Served them with enchilada sauce and rice a la Mexicana. Absolutely divine. The tortillas were crisp and really light.

Even though like the rest of the world French supermarkets are full of Old El Passo products like their crap wheat tortillas and jars of supposed guacamole, no one sells jalapenos. Fortunately managed to find some scotch bonnets and fresh coriander for the enchilada sauce.

Day Two: scraps for lunch – piquilo chiles stuffed with the remains of the seafood mix and baked for a starter followed by chicken enchiladas.

Hee, hee.

Only one scotch bonnet to go.

5 thoughts on “Page 43

  1. “Bethesda Basics”, do you have another book out? Not that I need another tortilla recipe, but I like to keep my cookbook collection current.

  2. Hi Charles
    Bethesdabasics was the first book (a copy of which is in your possession). I have a third book on the go but wouldn’t like to predict when it will be ready.

    Best wishes


  3. Didn’t realise there really was just one scotch bonnet to go. Went back to the supermarche – had been totally revamped and chiles are obviously to outrageous to stock in any form. Thank dog for Tabasco.

  4. Why yes I do have the book, and a fine book it is. I had just filed the title away in my mind as “Sourdough Made Simple”. I think I need some stronger tea.

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