Potato, Rosemary & Black Onion Seed

pot 002 smallPotato, Rosemary and Black Onion Seed has been in the repertoire for at least five years. I’ve tracked it back to Dan Lepard’s “Baking With Passion”. He says that, while the recipe came from Erez Komarovshy who has a bakery in Tel Aviv, the bread is identifiably that of Baker and Spice for whom Dan was working at the time. I would say that after several years of knocking it out, this version is identifiably mine.
pot 004 smallI use my regular white starter as opposed to biga acida, certainly don’t piss about with sparkling mineral water and use smash against Dan’s chopped potato.
pot 005 smallAs ever Dan’s flavour sense is spot on.

5 thoughts on “Potato, Rosemary & Black Onion Seed

  1. Just because I think he acted in a prattish way once upon a time doesn’t mean I have to suspend my critical judgement. He was very supportive to me and he’s a much better baker than I’ll ever be.
    I love you though Jeremy. And careful with my legs – these days I’m so decrepit I have to wear a support stocking on the left one. Ruined my surfing career.
    Coming to Brad’s in September?

  2. Also a firm favourite with Amazing-Grains customers. Cant wait for the weather to improve so my Rosemary begins some new growth . To me, the key is baked potato flesh (for sweetness) FRESH chopped rosemary (for Aroma and flavour) and black onion seeds for contrast and subtle flavour.
    During the winter, Onion & Bay, with Nigella (phew!) ok then, Black onion seeds, are also a popular favourite..
    P.S. Did you know that Yottam Ottollenghi was a young baker from Tel Aviv who also worked at Baker & Spice, so I think the origin is probably correct.

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