Dead Thatcher Bread

It’s a problem ain’t it. It’s easy enough to create a bread for a special occasion: St David’s Day, St Patrick, The first Barack Obama Inauguration, Wales Grand Slam last year. But what do you do when someone like Thatcher dies? Never mind the fact that no one’s going to buy Dead Thatcher Bread, or what it would be like anyway, what is there to do at any level? I don’t have a secret supply of fireworks for the occasion (don’t do fireworks in any case), no stashed bottle of champagne.

I drank some white wine a bit too fast, played the appropriate tracks from The Beat, Elvis Costello and The Specials. But politicians of all parties have carried on her work of destroying any sort of consensus we might have had about being an inclusive caring society and I think I’ll move onto the red wine now.

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8 thoughts on “Dead Thatcher Bread

  1. Sorry Mate. Not in the slightest bit interested in what Mr Brand thinks of Mrs T. I even read most of it on your behalf having ignored it when the paper was in my little mitts.
    Coming to Brad’s in September?

  2. Nah…can’t working, unless I find an oven to permanently lay my self next to like an old hermit!
    Thanks for reading it…I suppose i”m looking at it from what I remember the old bat…the whole Falklands thing still pisses me off…and really she made British rail shite!

    Other wise, how you doing my friend?

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