The view from the bakery webcam this morning:
view 003 smallShivering with snow low down on the mountain but that little shimmery yellow/green of the trees says Spring will come.
See the slate waste tip 1st left on the photo? That’s the bottom base for Zipworld what they claim is the longest zip wire “in the Northern Hemisphere” opening this very month. So you can come to Bethesda do a sourdough course with me* and then hurtle, at speeds of up to 75mph, high above Penhryn Quarry, the world’s largest working slate quarry. Bethesda’s a bit like Texas when it comes to the biggest and best – you’d better believe it…

*The course has to be paid for in advance if you’re going on the zip wire first

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2 thoughts on “Spring?

  1. Mick, that is an absolutely beautiful picture! Shadows, snow, early morning light, church spire, fire smoke, rolling green hills: ticks all the boxes. Down here we’re preparing for the time of mists and mellow fruitfulness – although we’ve just been through 10 days of temperatures in excess of 30 deg in March, which is neither misty nor mellow, just bloody hot. Still, that autumn crispness is around in the mornings – I’ll have to adjust my fermentation timings.

  2. Welcome to the world’s most lazy photographer. I’m sitting at my desk in front of the computer, push up the window, take the shot, crop all the extraneous stuff (like the window frame) out of the picture, upload the photo onto the blog, virtually without leaving my seat. Well, the snow is even lower now which is very unusual this late in March and the forecast wintery for as long as the met office can predict. Didn’t stop the Pain Nicoise dough pushing the lids off the boxes in the fridge last night!

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