Christmas Bake 03

Phew! Made it. Christmas started Wednesday night 7.00 p.m. when the last customer went out through the front door.
shiitake 004 smallThe absolutely fabulous Yr Ardd Fadarch Focaccia stuffed full of Cynan Jones’ shiitakes fresh and dried.
shiitake 003 smallA Pain de Noel, which is just a slightly up-market version of my Brioche Provencale. For this the preserved fruits are soaked in cognac and orange juice. I know dried fruits like currants and raisins will pretty much double in weight when soaked, but I was surprised by how much the preserved fruits (papaya and pineapple) absorbed.
noel 003 smallnoel 008 smallAnd finally, as a balance to all this rich stuff, good old plain Pain de Campagne.

Best wishes to everyone.

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