Two Kilos

Two factors. First all of the complex Christmas bakes – spices, fruits, nuts, booze, olive oil, butter, eggs stuffed into every dough. Then, we were lucky to have Rick & Maggie up from Mair’s Bakehouse and Jay & Gill down from Trefriw (laden down with Jay’s very wonderful cider) for lunch after Christmas in the course of which Rick said he’d never baked a 2K loaf. Given the hundreds of loaves he turns out in a week I was a bit stunned by that.
To me 2 kilos is one of the natural sizes for a loaf – if I wasn’t baking for other people all my loaves would probably be that size. I know I first made one in imitation of Lionel Poilane’s loaf and called it a miche but it’s best to get over other people’s bread and start baking for the future. I also called this formula Pain de Campagne – a little exoticism for the punters – when I should have ….
knock at the door – hear incredulous voice asking Sue, “Is this Bethesdabakers?” – think I’d better go down it’s an unannounced inspection by Trading Standards – shiiite!!! Serious blagging session followed by a large gin & tonic. Where were we?
…. just called it White Sourdough. It’s very simple, very ordinary and very wonderful – sweet, springy and moist, not even made with stoneground flour – the right balance of crust and crumb.
camp 2k 001 smallYou already have the recipe if you bought Bethesdabasics but the formula for a 2K is:
Strong White Bread Flour: 1150g: 100%
Water: 680g: 59%
Starter: 304g: 26.4%
Salt: 17g: 1.5%
My usual routine – 4 hours fermentation – 3.5 hours prove. But 65mins in the oven – in my case 210C. If in doubt use a probe thermometer – should be 95C+ in the centre. Next day cut it into quarters and freeze what you are not likely to use in the immediate future.
Happy New Year/Blwyddyn Newydd Dda!

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One thought on “Two Kilos

  1. Baked with that hat and glasses on !!! Nice picture, happy New Year to you both,am off to bake some boring small loaves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Bread lots nice,pity we’re not closer, run out of bread down here, living on crackers until tonights bake. SAD !
    Thanks for good time at yours


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