Trefriw 2012 – in Living Colour

In recovery mode after a great baking weekend at Trefriw Rugby Club.

My tiredness stems from having to drink Jay’s cider to blot out the never ending tennis from Wimbledon on every screen in the club. But having organised two events in the past I know how exhausted our two magnificent hosts must be, Joe and Jay (and Gill):

And we claim to be the only baking event to have, not just one, but two artists in residence, Jeremy and Pam back for a second year:

Where would we be without Rick, here talking (what Rick talking?) to Geraint:

The Stripy Family, Jack & his father Ed:

New friends Marcus and a strangely silent Rick:

Lisa & Geraint:

And bravely Sian came as an absolute beginner (the bravery was working with Jay):

Someone “borrowed” my camera and tried to ruin my reputation by catching me working. Fortunately the focusing isn’t too good:

And bread was produced:

He’s talking again. This time to Ben, the only person besides me to have attended all six events. Behind Ben’s right shoulder on the bar you can see the many litres of Jay’s cider yet to be drunk:

Paul doing something wonderful with beetroot and chocolate:

One cauldron, only two witches:

Jack getting ready for a cooling oven:

Joe specialises in the weird and wonderful and this is certainly weird:

A bread containing custard, glace cherries and coconut. Jay told me he was still eating it this morning. Shows what exhaustion can do to you.

A final Sunday evening pudding. Raspberries, strawberries, Jack’s meringues, a big bowl of cream and, rather incongruous, pain aux chocolat. Gill and Chris finally getting into the picture:

And the sixth annual photograph of Ben with his bike – especially for Jeremy in New York:

Where we going next year?

4 thoughts on “Trefriw 2012 – in Living Colour

  1. Thanks for the narrative, Mick. Sorry I’ve missed the Sunday evening chill-out session the last twice – bloody work!

  2. Looks great, a f*$&ing wok…lord you’ve upscaled that kitchen! Ben looks great…If only I could make millions and quit cooking..just come as a traveler!

  3. Hi Robin – we also had a bit of a chat about the future of the event which I think we need to broaden out to other people.

    Jeremy my chum – are you coming over in the Summer? I think you need to come and practice your English cos I never understand what you’re talking about. Plus Ben has challenged you to a road race. PS, Jeremy, it’s a different rugby club.

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