87% Wholemeal Day 2 Morning

Day 1? Well the camera wouldn’t have survived. Wholemeal dough at 87% hydration would be perfect for mud wrestling but this isn’t that sort of blog.

My kneading technique with very wet doughs is to push it away and scoop it back in a circular motion – the mixture never leaves the work surface or forms a coherent mass – it’s just too liquid for that. I don’t flour or oil the work surface. Then it was scooped into an oiled box and into the fridge overnight.

Next morning:
Tip out onto a floured surface:
You can see it’s still very wet but a bit more coherent. A light sprinkle on the top and floured hands and it’s possible to fold and stretch without the help of a scraper:
Keeping your hands floured is probably more important than flouring the work surface.
It’s now back in the fridge – more later + the bake tomorrow morning.

12 thoughts on “87% Wholemeal Day 2 Morning

  1. Did you see any of the hairy Biker’s Bakeation? they are not really my cup of tea but there were 2 excellent breads – episode one in Norway, about 48 mins in, had a high hydration sourdough and episode 3 in Germany (about 12 mins in) had a dough that was left to ferment in the fridge for 48 hours. Both looked spectacular! Both episodes are still on iplayer.

    1. Welcome Bud
      I don’t watch television – it’s based on celebrity not on intelligently supplying information. It rots your brain (and your teeth)
      But thanks for the tip.

      1. LOL – We don’t have a TV in the house, something that bemuses the TV licencing people as they are forever sending us letters…

        Ray (Sheffield)

        PS when do you think your next book will be published?

  2. Did you convert starter to 100% wholemeal also at begining or just use regular starter?

    Times are certainly changing,me on computer, ( i’m even on twitter now ) and you baking at Weekend
    look forward to sunday’s instalment, speak to you soon


  3. Hi Ray
    Dan Lepard was in discussion with the BBC a few years back about presenting a series on bread. I might have had the odd difference of opinion with Dan but he’s an excellent baker and a good teacher and presenter. What happened? The Hairy Bakers series. Missed opportunity or what? (for the BBC and us that is).
    Last year we went to France and I did a lot of work on the book. This Friday we are going back to France – exactly the same place – I might as well have left the draft on the table there because I’ve done nothing to it since. But I’m getting some energy back and a couple of weeks work would crack it.

    1. I’d never seen the hairy bikers before. Now I am not averse to there being more fat northern blokes on the BBC (I am from Wigan and I like a pie or three) but goodness the humour was lame. I just fast forwarded to the bread bits.

      I’m baking my way through Dan Lepard’s handmade loaf book at the present. that would indeed have been a good series. Sadly too many celebrity cook shows. Channel 4’s The Fabulous Baker Brothers was also embarrassingly laddish.

      River Cottage stuff is okay though. The bread episodes are great for beginners. i learned to bake sourdough through a combination of bethesdabasics and the River Cottage bread handbook.

      Good luck in France!

  4. Least said about Tom Herbert the better – and he’s a Real Bread Campaign Bread Ambassador! Time I did a post on what I think of the Real Bread Campaign.

    Hey, for someone without a TV, you manage to catch an awful lot of it!

    1. I know about it, never said I watched it! 🙂 I catch bits on iplayer or youtube when I’m struggling to find help shaping a loaf etc – A picture paints a thousand words as Kojak once sang, so much more so a youtube video. People at work know I like making bread as I often will share a loaf with them so will come in and tell me about a programme they have watched the night before and how I must watch it… and I do take a look on iplayer but am usually disappointed.

      Go lie down in a darkened room before contemplating writing that post – you’re on holiday soon!

  5. They’re definitely related to the GM Police who are threatening to publish my address if I don’t respond to their questionnaire. That I don’t like.

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