Celtic Fudge (2)

After the dress rehearsal, the opening night:
The seaweed I used was a mixture of Dillisk brought back from Dublin and kelp from the Chinese supermarket in Upper Bangor.
Now I’m retired I don’t start til 6.00 a.m.
Yeah, I’m trying out a new camera (it’s just the photographer taking the same old shots)
5 of them are Irish and 17 Welsh. It’s hard to spot the difference.

They are unfortunately reminiscent of a prominent feature of a second-row’s anatomy.

6 thoughts on “Celtic Fudge (2)

  1. After Wales’ spectacular win yesterday this bread is now officially renamed Bara “Grand Slam”

  2. Except, of course, I’ve been a bit hasty.
    After further consideration, the final, final name has to be Warburton’s “Grand Slam”.

    A little note of explanation for people who might be confused:
    1. There is this annual rugby contest called the Six Nations, they being England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, Wales.
    2. Whoever gets the most points overall, wins. But if one country wins all their matches, i.e. beats all the other countries, they achieve the Grand Slam.
    3. Last Saturday Wales achieved this for the third time in eight years.
    4. Wales’ captain is called Sam Warburton. Warburtons is also the name of one of the UK’s biggest producer of IBS (Industrial Bread Substitute).
    5. As you might have suspected, I hate sport as much as I hate Tories, religion, the monarchy, etc., etc. But we are talking about Wales ….

  3. Re: point 5 – same ‘firmly held beliefs’, but being a NZ citizen I had a similar warm glow when the All Blacks won the World Cup…

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