Celtic Fudge

Gert phones to say that he is unexpectedly doing an Irish week at Oren, his restaurant in Caernarfon. Can I come up with with five Irish-related loaves for Wednesday.

He’s thinking Guinness but I did Nil’s fantastic Guinness Volkornbrot for him last week. I’m thinking buttermilk plus, I’ve been meaning to do a bread with seaweed for a long time. So I’ve come up with Dillisk Bread – wheat and oats, buttermilk, dillisk – a sort of sourdough soda bread.
At the same time you may be aware that Wales have only to beat France next Saturday to win the Grand Slam in the Six Nations Rugby. So my own customers this week will be offered the very traditional Torth Sgrymu (Scrummy Loaf), coincidently being a mixture of wheat, oats, buttermilk and laverbread, which as the legends have it, was fed to Welsh warriors before going into battle with the French …

(THe piece on the right of the photo is obviously a scrum half)

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