Dalek Bread

8 thoughts on “Dalek Bread

  1. Bread with a view bent on world domination eh? How are you doing, have you found me a recipe for campaillou that is do-able without a food processor, mon brave?

    Time travel would open up a whole realm of possibilities for bread making wouldn’t it? Though it might just even get more confusing to remember what you were supposed to be doing next…..

  2. Campaillou according to my sister, is available in just about every bakers in her posh neck of West London. I looked it up and they all seem to use a mysterious french pre mix, she says it makes a grey/brown bread with a crust that her little boy eats, in fact the only sourdough crust he will eat. There is a recipe on DL’s site but it involves lots of high speed mixing, which I just can’t do. But you know it is not top of my list, I was just curious if you had any inside info on the subject. If any consolation it’s been freezing here too and no seaside…

    PS I baked once from that Local Breads book when I started baking, it was a disaster, there were errors in the formula and I was too unknowledgeable to know any better and mutter “Mais non, c’est pas possible’ So he sits on the bookshelf in the bread collection of read once and put on the shelf books.

    PS I have climbed over the dune to the beach at Arcachon once upon a time, a car park, rain, pine trees and sand and very very busy with people going to Cap Ferret or whatever it is called for a festival…. Are you doing lots of beach runs in the morning now you’re a man of leisure?

  3. Isn’t Campaillou one of those very wet doughs like pain a l’ancienne which is cut into strips rather than shaped? I’m pretty sure you could do that without high speed mixing like foccacia.

    Have a go at the revised seigle d’auvergne – the flavour is still developing in this one.

    Shan’t answer your question about beach runs – I’m sure you can’t have been being serious. As for the Dune du Pilat – the best thing is the beach below it. All the tourists arrive at the car park at the back of the Dune, climb to the top, tick the box and back to the car park. Meanwhile there’s a fabulous two mile beach at the bottom with access at each end – walk 50 yards and you’re on your own. We used to live on that Dune for weeks at a time in our youth …

  4. I haven’t got a clue
    about the Campaillou
    so M’sieu
    I turned to you!

    But I will try the seigle d’whatsit if you say it is good, being easily influenced in these things…

  5. I had campaillou, from a bakery my brother worked at in LA of all places, couldn’t get the baker to give me the formula, Pascal Rigo from Boulangerie Polk in SF!!!
    Great rugged wheat rye bread, awesome!

  6. So what are its awesome characteristics, Jeremy – what makes it so special?

    Did a quick google and got more mist-of-time bollix. Well they certainly didn’t have high speed mixing in your mists of time.

    This geezer’s walking back to his lodgings down High Street Ken tired and hungry after a hard day on the building site. In a smart baker’s window next to the Campaillou he sees these fantastic looking cakes. Goes in, says to the assistant, “How much is them gattocks?”.

    “£25”, she says, “And the correct pronunciation is gateaux.”

    “£25!”, he says. “Bolleaux!!!”

  7. I have made a home-style campaillou – based on a mix of recipes and trial and error. Here it is: (yes it is in cups not grams)
    5 cups v strong white flour (about 13 % protein)
    0.5 cup plain white flour
    0.5 cup rye flour
    1.75 teaspoon instant yeast
    2.25 teaspoon salt
    2.5-2.75 cup v cold water
    3 table spoon medium malt powder (dark malt will give you the reddish colour crumb)
    Mix the lot (by hand) using a semi-circular dough scraper and place in a greased bowl covered with cling film for overnight
    Take out dough mix and leave for 1-2hr for it to rise some more at room temperature
    Sprinkle lots of flour on worktop, tip dough out and gently shape into a lump (your choice of lump shape)
    Heat oven to 280 deg C with stone
    No steam

    I divide mine into 12 rolls and bake for 9-10 minutes and its done

    if you do it as a large loaf, it will take probably 20-30 minutes

    It has the texture and colour of campaillou, the taste develops more after a few days- as I do no thave a rye starter.


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