French Onion Soup

Never thought I would make French Onion Soup in France. The sun is shining here but it’s unbelievably cold. We made chicken stock earlier in the week, had some onions and a bottle of white wine. What more could you want? – a little grated emmental or gruyiere and some croutons, that’s what.

This is a treat. It comes from Patricia Wells Paris Bistro Book as I remember it and is supposed to be the method used at Pied de Cochon, the 24 hour brasserie at Les Halles. You have to admire an American woman who became the first foreign food writer in a French newspaper.

Peel, halve and slice some onions lengthways. Butter a gratin dish, spread the onion is a single layer, add more butter and half a bottle of white wine and place in a hot oven (210-20C?) until the wine has just about evaporated and the onion is soft – about 40 minutes. Place under the grill until the onion is well browned.

Distribute the onion between the required number of soup bowls, cover with hot chicken stock, float on toasted croutons and scatter the grated cheese over the top. A whack of cognac wouldn’t go amiss. Brown under the grill. Live forever.

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