What a Pillock

As the Robber Baker of Ludlow enjoyed pointing out, I’m not a proper commercial baker. And my attempts to look professional are laughable.

Ordered a set of whites last week with embroidery:

Check the spelling ….

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3 thoughts on “What a Pillock

  1. Mmh, so what constitutes a “proper” commercial baker? I may well bake less than you in terms of volume, whilst both of us combined, probably bake less than the said baker of Ludlow, who in turn though, bakes considerably less than any household brand, calling themselves commercial bakers!.
    Maybe once you get the spelling sorted out, you might become a “Chef de Farine” whilst others, with larger volumes might be described as machine minders. Though a proper commercial machine minder really ought to be called a factory process operator, unless they wear a white coat in which case maybe they should be called a bakery operative!
    Semantics Spellmantics

  2. I think said Robber Baker meant someone time-served who held together a “craft” bakery, with other bakers and their families dependent upon him for employment, whilst having proper overheads and paying business rates – a pilar of the local community, probably a church-goer (probably knitting the harvest festival bread) and giving their time freely in schools.

    Definitely not a self-taught chancer like meself.

    Yeah, but I think the union flag was probably a mistake as well.

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