Arcachon – Day One

Don’t worry, you’re not going to get a blow by blow account of our sojourn in Arcachon but the last couple of days have been nothing short of miraculous. The travel here has been so smooth that the only thing we can complain about was the electronic display on the Virgin Train from Chester to […]

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What a Pillock

As the Robber Baker of Ludlow enjoyed pointing out, I’m not a proper commercial baker. And my attempts to look professional are laughable. Ordered a set of whites last week with embroidery: Check the spelling ….

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2K Oat & Honey

The first weekend we go away in months one of our customers invites us to her 50th birthday party at the Bethesdabakin’ Memorial Hall (formerly known as Bethesda Rugby Club). Typical. As she’s got a sweet tooth we had to make her a present of her favourite, Oat & Honey, and as it was a […]

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Bethesda Town Square

We’re very forward looking in Bethesda – I think. Several years ago there was a plan to regenerate the village. The main A5 comes curving through the village as the High Street, and the shops, which are mainly four storeys high, form pretty much an unbroken wall for its full length. So the radical plan […]

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