St Valentine’s Day – at last

They’ve been trying to kill me, these customers of mine. I did two St Valentine’s Day specials this week – Big G’s Cherry Tomato Focaccia:

because they look so pretty, and yet another version of my Pain des Pommes:

which this time featured fresh apple and dried apple rings soaked in Calvados and Cider.

Ended up with a huge order (by my standards) in the middle of which was one small Borodinski:

which is the sort of thing which drives you mad when you’re really rushed. Of course the person who orders it doesn’t know there’s only one …

So that’s two 5.00 a.m. starts followed by a 6.45 a.m. yesterday because it was my birthday party in Chester where I sampled a large range of rather fine ciders and the odd pint of perry.

Finally we reach Valentine’s Day feeling good to have survived – scrub down the kitchen next followed by a little pheasant lunch a deux.

Normandy Pheasant. Oh no! more cider and calvados!

7 thoughts on “St Valentine’s Day – at last

  1. Have a wonderful day Mick and Sue! Happy Birthday for yesterday, we had the 85th birthday lunch for B’s Mum and family. Roast pork loin with rosemary and fennel rub, poached pears, and birthday cake. No bread at all! I like the sound of your Valentine’s lunch though! Cheers!

  2. I made about 60 hear shaped sweet potato rolls, for some select eating establishments in the area. Used the same dough to make heart shaped boules for my regular customers as well. Pity I didn’t have enough left over to photograph, a process I tend to forget about all too often. I can however provide the basis which was to use 25% baked s.p. flesh to 70/30 white/wholemeal, 30% sour(70/30 wheat/light rye), a little yeast, say .5-1%, and 2% Cumin. Also used some 3% butter to give a crust. After final rise I snip through to centre with scissors and nudge apart for a the perfect heart (or sometimes PacMan) shape. They’re a wonderful yellow colour, and tase great, or so my customers tell me! !

  3. Oi,
    Happy Vday and Birthday too, christ almighty mines just around the blooody corner!

    Happy baking!
    P.S. That cider loaf looks a bit grey mate, your sure you got cider or what in there?


  4. That sound pretty neat, Zeb. Not my birthday ’til Wednesday though. Like to spread these things out.

    Gareth – got the wrong end of the baton (French stick – gerrit). I thought you were making sweet potato purees not bread rolls. Consider the recipe stolen (except for the yeast).

    Grey? That’s the pale winter light off the Welsh mountains, Old Son. Not like your brash Brooklyn neon. You’ll be surprised to hear I saved a drop of cider for the baker.

  5. The Borodinski was great; I eat it in one go with a bottle of sloe gin. Sorry about the small order, I hope you made one for yourself? I’ve heard that loss leaders are vital for marketing and I’m sure as pundits ponder over previous rye specialities they will admire the versatility and eclectic nature of your baking and have no interest on how big your commercial bulk order of white bread was!
    Enjoy your break Glenn

  6. Interesting thing is, Glenn, you’re the second person who has claimed to have ordered the single Borodinski!

    I’ll put the recipe up when I get to France.

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