Pain de Seigle sur Levain

Interestingly enough, I have been told by at least one French person that it should be “aux levain” but “sur levain” is what the book says.

This is for Nils and Jeremy who have given me, or made available for theft, so many rye recipes this year. Nothing much I can tell these boys but it’s all I’ve got.

This started life in Christian Vabret’s “Tours de main, Pains spéciaux”

Starter at 100% hydration. For the Pâte Fermentée I use my basic Pain de Campagne dough which has been in the fridge overnight (that’s not essential – it’s just the way it fits in with the rest of my bake).

Pain de Seigle sur Levain – 800g loaf

Light Rye: 185g: 60%

Wholemeal Rye: 123g: 40%

Water: 201g: 65%

Rye Starter: 207g: 67%

Salt: 8g: 2.7%

Pâte Fermentée: 216g: 70%

Chop up the pâte fermentée and mix with the water. Mix in the starter.

Mix in the ryes and salt. Make sure it’s well mixed but there’s no point in kneading too much.

M. Vabret calls for 45 minutes fermentation followed by shaping and a 1 hour prove.

I tend to do a few short kneads, shape straight away and prove for about 3 hours.

Then there’s the fruit and nut version, the extremely long-winded:

Pain de Seigle sur Levain aux Noix, Noisettes et Raisins

Light Rye: 155g: 60%

Wholemeal Rye: 1033g: 40%

Water: 168g: 65%

Rye Starter: 173g: 67%

Salt: 7g: 2.7%

Pâte Fermentée: 216g: 70%

Dried Fruit & Nuts: 155g: 60%

The fruit and nut mix is equal weights of walnuts, hazel nuts and raisins.

8 thoughts on “Pain de Seigle sur Levain

  1. Lucky guys! These look great, but would expect nothing else from you.

    I found some cryptic notes on flatbreads from you the other day which I must
    have another go at soon.

    Is this quite a mild flavoured rye? About 90 per cent rye or thereabouts?

  2. Lovely. The rye-fruit combination is really superb. Masterful bread. Will defintely bake this one before Christmas.

  3. Hiya Zeb

    I would have said it was quite a full flavoured rye.


    The credit is all M. Vabret’s.

    Best wishes to you both


  4. I am making the first and undoubtedly the fruited loaf, just too busy at the moment, but I have to thank you for inspiring and being a friend even if your so bloody far away! You still fancy a bakery in Dublin? Or somewhere, I am game on the idea!

    Cheers, oh, and up your leg!


  5. It’s you that’s far away – I’m right here.

    I have to get my book finished but then I’m open to all offers. Property prices must be tumbling in Dublin.

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  8. Really pleased you tried it Andrew.

    You must have a go at the Seigle d’Auvergne

    Tried to reply on your blog but the technology defeated me.

    Will be in touch.

    Best wishes


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