Two Brothers

When the great canine in the sky was dishing out musical talent s/he stopped at my ears. Fortunately my Mom, who is a good classical fiddle player, can recognise musical talent (and its absence) in children from a very young age –  with nine kids she had plenty to practice on. So,  whilst I was given every opportunity to learn the piano, no one complained too much when I stopped.

There is other musical talent in the family so I take this blogging opportunity to give two brothers a bit of free advertising – see new links.

Pete, the flasher of the two, has earned his living from the violin since he left school – and supported numerous offspring – so I don’t think he needs any help from me.

Even after the failed piano lessons I still fancied myself as a musician. Bernie was the brother who picked up the guitar followed by the five string banjo I discarded after two weeks and was playing them within days. I really gave up after that.

“Bernie Hartley – His playing will make your hair stand on end” Melody Baker

Check them out. When we have family bashes it’s the best gig in Brum.


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