Pear & Liquorice Fougasse

Here’s an interesting one which needs an opinion from Big G.

When we were in Nice earlier in the year I bought “Les Meilleures Fougasses” by Benoit Molin. Benoit Molin is a patissier (rather than a baker) and it shows.

The book is divided into savoury fougasses and sweet fougasses and the recipes in both are what I would describe as being poncey  – that is, as someone who tends towards the basic, I find them a little over elaborate.

Some time back I did a savoury – Crab add Pear – which was fantastic. This week I’m doing a sweet one – Pear & Liquorice.

As you can see it’s a fold over affair with the bottom dough spread with a layer of lemon curd which is topped with a sort of toffeed pear jam flavoured with liquorice and vanilla. The slashes just go through the top layer.

Gareth said somewhere below that some people don’t understand that focaccia is bread not cake and I would say the same about fougasse. This is definitely bread (and sourdough), it is delicious for breakfast, but has it crossed the line of acceptability?

2 thoughts on “Pear & Liquorice Fougasse

  1. not big G, but out of curiosity Mick, where did the topping come from? Was it something you got in France or did you make it? It sounds extraordinary.

  2. Well, Zeb, it more or less came straight out of the book. Couldn’t quite understand what type of liquorice he specified and ended up using powdered liquorice from our Chinese food shop. Made my own lemon curd (never done anything like that – couldn’t believe how easy it was).

    I’d give you the recipe for a bottle of beer …


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