Unreal Bread @ 2K

Unreal? This is a 2 Kilo loaf of real bread. But it’s not Real Bread because that term (complete with capital letters) was appropriated by the Real Bread Campaign in, if I remember rightly, 2008 – a year after I set up my microbakery.

Never mind your fancy stuff, this is the bread that really moves me.

It has gravitas, real weight, significance – on top of which, just the sight of it makes me feel happy.

The main reason I set up my blog, back in 2009 is, unlike on internet forums, I can say what I like without being censored or barred. The main forum I use these days is the Micro Bakery Connection Facebook group and I’ve already been warned for slagging the Real Bread Campaign. But this is my blog and I can flounce around and slag them if I want to – so there.

This is what I wrote about them ten years ago and a response from Chris Young. Click here

In the past week the Real Bread Campaign has posted 13 times on Micro Bakery Connection (probably another one as I speak) mostly advertising itself and its merch (as we have to call it these days). I think that’s an abuse.

What were we talking about? Oh, yes, the 2K. Basically it’s my Pain de Campagne formula but with 15% bran mixed in the bread flour and extra water added as it became necessary. Starts out at about 2215g.

Baked in the Pico 250C top, 220C bottom, 15 mins steam, 65 mins total.

This is my new wheeze. Milling my own flour and sieving and blending to what I want leaves quite a bit of excess bran. I mill Gilchester’s grain but still stock some Shipton’s bread flour to which I add 15% bran. So I can be lazy and get run down my store of bran.

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