You see dat? Dat costs £235.00. Wot do you think of dat?

Over the years (and I mean a lot of years) we have been buying Le Creuset – I don’t mean collecting, that’s another thing altogether. Couple of things were wedding presents 40 odd years ago, couple more were bought full price from Habitat when we moved up here in 1985. But most were reduced, seconds, chipped etc.

There’s a whole story here but what I wanted to tell you was, a few weeks ago, Sue was cooking a fabulous chicken saute when she said, “look at this.”.

Two chips had appeared in the base of the pan:

Spent a lot of time trying to visualise what could cause two chips in the enamel of a cast iron pan. No idea. Have to be a very heavy blow. Can’t see how you could do it and not know.

So I sent of the photos to customer care at Le Creuset saying that, after at least 20 years wear, I wasn’t complaining, more asking if it was repairable or safe to continue using.

Today, £235.00’s worth of enamelled cast iron arrived by courier …

I never told them my Dad (on the right) bombed the Le Creuset factory in WW2 …

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