Watch This Space

My sister Mary wanted to come and see us at two day’s notice and, given the vagueries of North Wales bus services, would only be able to stay for about three hours. Sounds like pizza to me,

Hadn’t baked pizza for a few weeks and went for the Pinsa dough posted some time back – 750g dough, al taglio style, refrigerated for 24 hours.

Simple ingredients, nothing flash, aubergine, courgettes, tomatoes, onions, block mozzerella, basic tomato sauce.

Prepped and ready to be assembled, oven up to temperature by the time she arrived.

250C top and bottom, 25 minutes bake in the Pico.

Simple salad to go with it (lettuce, rocket, herbs). Baked nectarines stuffed with amoretti biscuits (saw a drop of rum go in) for pud courtesy of Sue.

Which left plenty of time to catch up over a glass of wine before bus home time …

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2 thoughts on “Watch This Space

  1. That was a very sweet short visit glad y’all had that short time together over a delicious pizza and a glass of wine.

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