T for Texas

Like a lot of other things I haven’t done lately, I haven’t made wheat tortillas. There always used to be a pile of them in the freezer. But the last few times I’ve made them I’ve been dissatisfied – they seem too dry to me and tend to crack when folded. Previous version and story here.

Had Lisa Fain’s books “Homesick Texan Cookbook” & “Homesick Texan’s Family Table” for some time but only recently signed up to her Facebook page and website. What pops up but a version of wheat tortillas which she swears are identical to the ones she had in Texas years ago. So, I’m looking for a different recipe, she’s got a recipe she’s raving about – what’s a poor boy to do?

Of course she’s all cups and spoons and feet and inches but this is my interpretation:

Strong Bread Flour 290g
Baking Powder 6g
Salt 6g
Veg Oil 8g
Warm Milk 140g

Have to say I didn’t feel very confident with this line-up and less so after the basic mix. Added about 30g extra liquid and it still felt very tight. Let it rest for 30 minutes while I enjoyed a pleasant pint of cider with Kev. Gave it another knead with wet hands and rested again while I prepped the rest of the meal.

Divided the dough by 8 at about 60g, preshaped as neatly as possible and rolled out to about 8 inches. Was hard work – I’m used to much wetter doughs and more flour on the bench. They rolled out with a bit of welly and virtually no flour.

Dry fried in a heavy skillet for a bit longer than the 30 seconds a side suggested.

The thing is, they were great just like she said they’d be – soft, flexible a bit more pillowy than my usual.

Lisa Fain’s Facebook and website – get following …

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