Corn Bread

Sometimes things are less than perfect but still have their good points.

Yet another post lock-down event – Sue’s long standing reading group, who have kept going for the last two years on Zoom, finally had a face-to-face celebration on Saturday with a lunch gathering in Annie’s garden. Amazingly the weather behaved for the duration.

I baked some mini baguettes for the event but also a wheat-free corn bread because one of the group has a (real) gluten allergy.

So, I baked my basic corn bread recipe for the first time in the Pico. I got the temperatures right: 250C top and bottom for 15 minutes, down to 220C top and 200C bottom for a further 10 minutes. But I used set ewes yoghurt instead of buttermilk and the dough was too dry. Plus my baking powder might be dead.

And I should have baked two. It looked like it might be OK (ignoring the lack of rise) but, how can you tell if you don’t bake one for yourself?

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2 thoughts on “Corn Bread

  1. Looks good cornbread is not supposed to be perfect and I love a crispy cornbread, I like it in soups it great.

    Once a baker always a baker😊😊 you’re an awesome baker and I have learned a lot from you. Thanks

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