Rome – Day Two

The search for Pinsa continues. Marc Vetri’s Mastering Pizza contains a sort of self-assemby formula for Pinsa. By this I mean he gives you a basic formula and method for yeasted 80% Al Taglio dough and then gives you several pages of variations, Whole Grain Al Taglio, Sourdough Whole Grain Al Taglio until we arrive at Pinsa Dough at 80% Hydration and, instead of displaying a neat little table, it’s all remove so much of this and replace with this amount of that until your head is spinning. Halfway through he shows you how to make and maintain a sourdough starter:

Anyway, this is what I extracted

This is my neat little table for Pinsa showing the percentages and quantities for 4 x 250g bases (right hand column).

I mixed by hand (10 kneads, rest, repeated three times in total) followed by three folds at 15 minute intervals. Fermented in the fridge for 48 hours.

Took 500g dough, divided in half and shaped two slightly elongated balls. Placed in a plastic box for 2 hours.

Pressed the two dough pieces out with finger tips and brushed with olive oil. Baked in Pico 300C top & bottom for 15 minutes.

Spread the doughs with tomato sauce (just a tin of chopped tomatoes drained) topped with a layer of thinly sliced mozzarella. Baked for a further 5-6 minutes. Topped with serrano, jamon, a bit of left-over chicken in mayo, a few salad leaves.

Gotta say, this was heaven. The dough had that soft crunch and was incredibly light despite the proportion of wholemeal spelt. I could have eaten them both.

But, I have to say, it was nothing like the bases we had at Plus 39, Menai Bridge the other week. …

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