1st 100% Rye in the Pico

100% wholemeal rye is strange, primeval, wonderful stuff. It doesn’t seem to have any connection with wheat bread and, in my book, it’s a mistake to try to treat it as though it does.

I developed my own baking method years ago: very hot oven for 15 minutes followed by 45 minutes moderate heat, then turn the oven off and a further 20 minutes with the oven door ajar. Cool completely, wrap and leave at least overnight, preferably a couple of days. See Simple Danish Rye.

Tried to imitate this in the Pico for the first time last week. Top heat 300C, bottom 270C with steam for 15 minutes. Reduced heat to 230C top & 200C bottom for a further 45 minutes. Turned off the oven – left the loaves in for 15 minutes with the door open. Cooled and wrapped.

Two days later, cut the loaf in half. It was so moist I had trouble getting the knife through it. On the other hand it was quite edible.

My thinking is: shouldn’t have used steam; needs longer in the cooling oven, maybe even overnight, maybe with the door closed.

Any suggestions from rye bakers?

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2 thoughts on “1st 100% Rye in the Pico

  1. Mick
    Can’t help with this problem, but just want to say I’ve enjoyed your saga with the Pico (I’m sorry if that seems like enjoying your pain…)

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