Bye Bye Oven

The baker’s decline. A few week’s back it was the mixer moving off to a new life in Sarah Thornber’s bakery in the West Midlands.

But this is the big one – the oven. The much maligned Turbofan (you can’t bake sourdough in a convection oven) has relentlessly churned out thousands and thousands of loaves over the past 14 years, introduced dozens of people to bread baking through our courses and helped tens of potential small bakers to understand the the ins and outs of microbakery production.

Today it moved out of our lives (and our kitchen) not far, just down the hill to Kev’s on Bethesda High Street. We are really happy it’s gone to him because he’s a good baker and, (even though he’s got to sort out his garage first) will put it to good use.

But it’s still sad.

So, last bake. Has to be a 2 Kilo Mick’s Classic, the first formula I was happy with and still our basic bread. I have baked a few 6 kilo breads in this oven but that was then. My inspiration has always been a French miche – 2 kilo is is a good starting point for a proper loaf.



In situ

Look at all that window space! Nothing left but a couple of unmatched Tannoy speakers …

And look at what the oven’s done to the header inside the window over the years.

Builders arriving tomorrow …

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