Bara Planc – Crumb Shot

One thought on “Bara Planc – Crumb Shot

  1. Crumb Shot

    I thought that I had to comment on the crumb shot.

    First I thought that a simple ho, ho, ho would suffice. But in this new ‘woke” world are we still allowed to say “ho” ?

    Might I offend some “sex worker” somewhere? Might I be accused of misapplication of cultural street language? Could I be banned from social media? Would my career be in jeopardy? These days even Santa Claus might be accused of inappropriate language.

    How about hee, hee, hee? Sounds too much like a humorous response instead of an appreciation of cleverness with an undertone of sarcasm.

    Well, there is hardee, har, har. That does not feel right at all.

    Well, I think that I will just give a slight nod to the language police and drop one ho and leave the comment as ho, ho.

    Good one, Mick.



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