Incider Dealing #37 (with a happy ending)

You see dem? They look identical don’t they? Well that’s the problem, they are identical.
Readers will be aware of the problems us cider drinkers have been facing getting the best deal in a world of fluctuating prices. My preferred option was to wait until Westons reduced the price of 20 litres of Old Rosie by £12.00 from £58.00 to £46.00 as they periodically do. This worked fine until they increased they level where delivery charges kick in from £40.00 to £50.00 after which nothing was simple anymore.
Anyway, with my reserves dwindling, decisions had to be taken. Westons current offer was 10 litre boxes of Henry Westons Cloudy Vintage at £24.50 and Henry Westons Vintage at £29.00. I ordered one of each which took me into free delivery territory.
But as you can see, two boxes of the cheaper cider were delivered. Phoned Westons and explained the situation and pointed out they owed me £4.50. The lady in Sales said, “Well we could do that, but there is another way.”
“What’s that?” says I.
“We could send you another box.”
The courier says delivery between 12.08 and 2.08  today

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