Drinkies VIII – Sangria

Gor Blimey, Wot a Scorcher! How to while away the hours in this heat? Prepare your crab backs and prawn tacos whilst sipping a refreshing sangria.

This is a simple, refreshing drink not a brandy-laden Balearic party-stoker; just red wine and lemonade.

It’s been in the repertoire more than 35 years but only comes out when the sun is blazing so it’s not surprising I couldn’t remember exactly which book it came from. Turns out it was Lourdes Nichols’ Mexican Cooking published in 1984 – I remember buying it down in Shepherds Bush just after it came out.

My memory said: fresh lemonade – shove one lemon in a blender with one tablespoon sugar. Measure one litre water. Pour about a quarter into the blender and blast the lemon. Pour the contents of the blender into a sieve and pour the rest of the water slowly through the pulp.

Chill a bottle of red wine. Put ice cubes in a glass, half fill the glass with lemonade (a big half taking into account the ice). Gently pour the red wine onto an ice cube so it floats on top of the lemonade and looks pretty.

Checked out Lourdes Nicols’ original: she has not one tablespoon of sugar but SIX! Plus she adds apple and orange slices but that’s not too baroque.

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