Bye bye Mixer; Hello Oven

Topsy-turvy time round here at the moment. Recently decided to retire. Sold my mixer to Sarah Thornber at Corner Cottage Bakery where it joined her two bigger mixers and was given the name Bertha.

Two days later it packed up.

I’d been completely honest with Sarah about the fact it was 13 years old, although not hard-worked and never a problem, sold it at a totally knockdown price and kept it stored for six months till she was ready to have it collected BUT I still felt terrible like I’d cheated her. Sarah was great, asked if I knew what was wrong but that was all. Fortunately she was able to find someone who sorted it at a very decent price.

The problem? Nothing more than the safety guard had come loose and registered as being open all the time so the motor wouldn’t start …

Now for the mad part. For the last 13 years I’ve been baking sourdough in a convection oven, a Turbofan 31, you know, the type people say you can’t bake sourdough in. Now that I’ve stopped baking for sale I’m finally buying a bread oven.

Yes, people, a Tom Chandley Compacta Pico all paid for and arriving in 8 weeks time thanks to my Mom leaving me a bit of money in her will.

I think I’ve gone a bit speechless.

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2 thoughts on “Bye bye Mixer; Hello Oven

  1. I am so happy fir you even though you retired you still have the love of teaching and baking bread real bread. Congrats on your new bread oven can’t wait to see your first loaf.😊!


    1. Thanks Marilyn. I’m afraid baking is in the blood so I’ve no choice in the matter. But the due date is 06 September so you’re talking Autumn before you see bread out of the new oven!

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