Scraps #1

Some of the tastiest lunches (that’s what we do) come from leftover ingredients – it’s a universal truth.

A shoulder of lamb is going to provide the two of us with at least three meals, this one usually coming third after the Shepherds Pie.

This is a great little book bought remaindered for pennies about 25 years ago in Galloway & Hodgeson – long defuct university bookshop (is Bangor the only university town in the world without a bookshop?). You can see from the state of it, it has served us well.

It doesn’t look very appetising before it goes in the oven but it’s heaven when it comes out – burned black on the outside but still soft and moist on the inside.

This went back under the grill topped with some pretty classy scraps – the last of Carrie Rimes’ ewes milk cream cheese and leftover grated mozzarella.

A feast.

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