Can’t be Beet

Oh yes it can!

Last Halloween it was Transylvanian Vladbread but as we move into Spring we shift back to the more gentle Beetbrot.

If you read the previous two Posts you will know (1) I’m sort of retiring but (2) Carrie, our resident ewes’ cheese maker, has been slipping me dairy products to use in baking.

Two jars of what you get when your cheese doesn’t quite grasp it’s supposed to solidify (we haven’t got a name for it) came my way. Most went into soda bread but the last half jar was crying out to be used in Beetbrot. It had been in the fridge for over a week and was starting to get a bit chunky and interesting.

You can find the formula and method here so I won’t bore you with that again. The Buttermilk was substituted with the ewes’ product with no name. But here’s a few pictures just because it’s pretty.

Cheddar on the inside, Cosyn Cymru on the outside

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