First Wave

We have been self-isolating since the week of 15 March, today being Friday 13 November. We have nothing to complain about. We work from home anyway, we have a garden and Pant Dreiniog, a reclaimed quarry site, is a few hundred yards away. We can do a nice gentle circuit of a quarter-to-a-half mile when we want to with no need to get close to other people.

The first few weeks were consumed with gathering supplies but deliveries settled down pretty quickly (it’s rumoured that some people actually like shops and shopping).

I signed up to Cadwyn Ogwen, a community produce ordering and delivery scheme back in March so I can bake every week and have the bread contactlessly collected. They take the orders, collect the dosh, make the delivery, pay the invoice promptly all for 10%.

Finally had to put up a shiny new sign on the front door. I’m amazed the first one lasted eight months with some of the weather that’s been thrown at it.

And lock-down haircut No 2:

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