Drinkies IV – Old Fashioned

One of the few sweet cocktails I like is the Old Fashioned, which is basically just bourbon with sweetened, orange flavoured melt-water.

This is a cocktail that is “built”. A teaspoon of sugar is put in a glass followed by a couple of strips of orange peel (just the zest), a few shakes of bitters and just a drop of whiskey.

The peel is “muddled” – ground into the sugar to release the flavours of the orange.

Next comes the remainder of the whiskey (2 oz for me) and the building begins. A single ice cube goes into the glass and the drink is stirred with the flat end of a bar spoon until the ice has pretty much melted. Repeat with a second ice cube, then a third, etc. stiring all the time until the glass is comfortably full.

The whole process will probably take three minutes or more and the outside of the glass should be clouded with condensation from the melting ice.

Finish with a marschino cherry and a drop of it’s syrup.

Wouldn’t drink one every day but, when the feeling’s right, it’s pretty heavenly.

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2 thoughts on “Drinkies IV – Old Fashioned

  1. Hi Mick, remember me? I’ve been through the wars a bit this year. An Oesophagectomy has made eating and getting enough nourishment a bit of a problem, I’ve lost a lot of weight. But thankfully and mercifully my thirst hasn’t deserted me, so I’ve been able to enjoy a slurp or two. Delicious bottled Italian sunshine, in the form of Chianti and Montepulciano have helped get me through, as well as a large G & T or a wee dram from time to time. Your mouthwatering cocktail recipes have ignited a little flame in me, and with the recent passing of the original, and in my opinion best screen 007, well it seemed only right that I should raise a glass to salute him. So extra dry gin Martinis have been mixed, and they’ve gone down very, very nicely at opening time here in the Relph household these last couple of evenings. What next??

    1. Course I remember you. Sounds like you’ve been through a pretty horrific time – hope you’re recovering. At least you can still drink! I don’t have them very often but I love a proper dry martini where the vermouth is shaken in the ice and then chucked away lest it weaken the gin. Are you managing to bake?
      Best wishes from Sue and me.

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