Vladbread IV – The Final Spurt

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Well, after all the trial runs and prepping, this week Vladbread went live (or at least undead).

Rick & Maggie (Mair’s Bakehouse) suggested their cheesey short-crust pastry for the Skull & Crossbones because the unleavened dough was too tough. The pastry was really nice but a bit too fragile.

Bread Label

Had to keep cleaning the skull’s teeth with a tooth-pick because they kept clogging up and some of the bones broke off after baking. They were too big for the small ones and I had to devise a way of removing the tart rings without destroying them. Not an easy life being a drac-baaker.

On top of which it was the gloomiest day you ever saw and impossible to take a decent photo in natural light.

Why the fish? Well, you see whenever I bake I have to do something for Phoebe, our friend Juliet’s dog. Crazy but I’ve been doing it for a good ten years. To be honest she’s not going to say, “where’s my skull & crossbones”. It’s food she’s interested in, not art.

So, in the death, after the dry-runs and all the prepping, I sold 7 large ones @ £4.25 and 7 small @ £1.95 grossing £43.40 minus admin charge of £4.34 = £39.06. Can’t be the dosh I’m doing it for …

If you want to have a go use the bread formula for Beetbrot increasing the water to 27.5% and the yoghurt (or Buttermilk) to 58.5%. The dough was fermented in the fridge for 72 hours, scaled to 340g, proved for three hours at room temperature and baked in 12cm sponge rings. Baked at about 230C for about 18 minutes

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